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Quick Update and Fall Pilots

It’s been a crazy busy summer with very little time online.

We bought a house! Weren’t even looking, but an amazing piece of property came on the market for an even more amazing price and we couldn’t turn it down. The land (several acres worth) is beautiful! The house: let’s just say it has good bones, but needs lots of work. There might be a home renovation blog popping up soon.

A while back I posted a few times about training for a triathlon. This summer I stepped it up a notch and signed up for a few events, which culminated in finishing my first half Ironman triathlon (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike 13.1 mile run) earlier this month! I definitely did not break any speed records, but I did it and it’s something to build on. My ultimate goal is to complete a full Ironman a year from now. (I’ll link to my tri blog once it’s updated for those who might be interested.)

My fall TV watching thus far. Fall Premieres – brief thoughts on Person of Interest, Terra Nova and Prime SuspectCollapse )

What’s everyone else watching? Any recommendations?
Has anyone been watching "A Game of Thrones"? I'm HBOless right now, but that might need to change. It's tempting...

Colonel Jack

I was channel surfing Saturday night in the midst of a massive snow storm only to run across Mr. Garber dressed as a colonel in army fatigues working desperately to save the world from a methane explosion in the midst of the Alaskan wilderness. The made-for-TV si-fi holiday disaster movie (honest!) Ice Quake will not be winning many accolades, I fear and yet I was not to be deterred. I sheepishly admit I've set the DVR to record the next showing so that I can view the first 90 minutes in all its glory. (To be fair Ice Quake is Oscar worthy, or in this case I guess, Emmy worthy as compared Yeti the gem that followed it.)

Whatever crazy-ass roles he takes on, VG still puts in a fine performance. Here's more evidence if you don't want to take my word for it.


I've watched little TV the past several months, the exception being Rubicon. Sadly, it has already been axed after a single 13 ep season. :( The series was not for everyone – but I'll miss it dearly.

New AMC series

Is anyone else watching Rubicon? I'm two episodes in and I'm hooked.

I'd describe it as a cross between Mad Men and Three Days of the Condor: genius code breaking analysts caught up in a deadly conspiracy, filmed with slow, deliberate pacing. It's complex and cerebral and addicting.

Covert Affairs Premiere

I watched the new spy series Covert Affairs last night with mixed emotions.

spoilers aheadCollapse )

I write like...

With just a handful of Alias ficlets to analyze...

4 tries = 4 authors

Color me shocked.Collapse )
Any one else planning to check this one out? I know only what I've gleaned from commercials. If there's spies, I'm there. At least for the premiere.
Sir Patrick Stewart was knighted in a ceremony earlier today by Queen Elizabeth II.

BBC story here.

You Again

Jamie Lee Curtis - Sigourney Weaver - Kristen Chenoweth - Betty White - Victor Garber

Check it out! You Again trailer

Book Rec: Once A Spy by Keith Thomson

I'm about midway through listening to the novel Once a Spy by Keith Thomson. So far it's a keeper.

Cut for mild spoilers.Collapse )

This is not your typical espionage novel. It's much more tongue-in-check than the average fare. Fascinating, well-developed characters, twisted family relationships and a rollicking, action-packed plot: it's Alias! Sort of. If you're a fan of the Bristows consider giving this one a try.


The current fanfic/profic debate continues like a train wreck across the internet. Jasper, Jasper, what were you thinking?Collapse )


We spent the weekend in the garden and have sore muscles, sunburn and lots of beautiful flowers to show for our efforts. We've had such a beautiful spring -- we're two weeks early with planting, but it seems like we're nearly a month late. Please, please, please, no late May frosts this year. *crosses fingers*

LFN: The series -- take 2?

A La Femme Nikita remake is (possibly) in the works! Hard to believe it’s been off the air long enough to justify a reboot. I guess it’s been nearly ten years. This could be a massive train wreck -- or possibly not. Only time will tell.

(My LFN watch/rewatch was derailed by a brief obsession with Dollhouse. I'm now back to regularly scheduled programming.)

iPad: first impressions

I've been playing with my new iPad much of the weekend. So far I love it! Though I fear it may become THE GREAT TIME WASTER if I'm not careful. Will the iPad replace my laptop? No, but it's already coming far closer to doing so than I had thought possible.

My favorite features thus far...Collapse )

Apr. 20th, 2010

I finally had what I think is my first (sort of) fannish dream. It's actually not all that exciting, but I am hopeful for future improvement. My subconscious has to start somewhere!Collapse )

I've been watching La Femme Nikita and am in the midst of S2 at the moment. I remember falling hard for this series during the airing of its first season, though I had no idea fandom existed back then. I'm looking for fic recs. My preferences lean towards Madeline and Operations, but I'm open to anything and any rating from gen to explicit. I'd look myself, but I'd prefer to remain spoiler free and at this point I’ve only seen sporadic eps from the later seasons.

LFN, Alias & DamagesCollapse )

Training Woes

My plan was to reduce my mileage last week to give my body a chance to adapt to increasing levels of exercise.

I accomplished that in spades.Collapse )

Swim + Bike - Run

The heel pain that began last week continues, but seems to be slowly lessening. For now, it's rest, ice, stretching and strengthening. No running until the pain recedes, so this week I restricted my workouts to swimming, biking and core training.

Week in Review: 4/5/10-4/11/10Collapse )

Dreamwidth Help

I'm thinking of starting to use my Dreamwidth account in conjunction with LJ. Are there any tricks I should know about when importing my current LJ posts? Is cross-posting straightforward? I've briefly read over the help info at Dreamwidth. It doesn't look too complicated, but any advice would be appreciated.

Also, I'm [personal profile] raptor on Dreamwidth. If you've got an account over there please leave a comment with your user name so that I can friend/subscribe to your journal if I haven't already done so.

A New Ficathon & an Agility Vid

Check out this ficathon: 36_stratagems/[community profile] 36_stratagems

The prompts are based on a historical Chinese essay relating strategems (often sneaky and deceptive ones) used in war, politics and civil interactions. A more thorough description can be found at this Wikipedia entry.

Given the modest requirements (500 word min), the relaxed timeline (assignments in early May, fics due in July) and the perfect prompts for my current fannish interests (Alias obviously, but also BSG, Damages, LFN), I think I might give this a try.

Added bonus: hamster agility!

TV Meme

Bold the TV shows you’ve seen 3 or more episodes of in your lifetime. Italicize the series you’re positive you’ve seen every episode. The List.Collapse )

Swim BIke Run

The Magic Bullet rules! This little gadget has done wonders to improve my diet. What is it?Collapse )

This week's training summary: (3/29/10 through 4/4/10)Collapse )