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Covert Affairs Premiere

I watched the new spy series Covert Affairs last night with mixed emotions.

At times the lead character Anne Walker seemed to be channeling Sydney Bristow with her expressions, mannerisms and appearance. I did a double take more than once. *cue Twilight Zone music*

Compared to my beloved Alias I thought the plotting of the first episode a bit clunky. Take the opening lie detector test. Could the questions have been a more heavy-handed info dump for revealing Anne's backstory? "Was the sex good?" C'mon. (Yeah, I get the humor, but still.) Thinking about this further if the CIA was interested in Anne mostly for her connection to Ben Mercer would they have approached the subject so directly during the testing? I'd think they'd be concerned about arousing her suspicions over time. I suppose I can see an argument either way.

I found it hard to buy the ease in which Anne waltzed past the FBI and back into the crime scene littered with a zillion bullet holes to retrieve the contents of the PDAs. And really, would those still be laying around on the table at the point in the investigation? I think not.

I'm not completely sold by the lasting impact of Anne's Sri Lankan fling. No doubt there was an intense connection, but a guy she's essentially just met up and leaves her after three weeks with little explanation and she's still pining over him a year later? The romantic in me needs to buck up, I guess. Regardless, I think her involvement with Ben Mercer has intriguing possibilities (I'm all about multi-episode arcs when it comes to spy shows) and gives much more credence to Anne's quick promotion to the field.

These aren't insurmountable obstacles. I liked the cast and characters (especially Auggie! You gotta love that laser cane of his.) and have no doubts that the storyline can be tightened up as the plot unfolds in future episodes. I wasn't enthralled, but I'm not ready to throw in the towel just yet. Sad to say though, there really is only one Sydney Bristow. Hopefully Covert Affairs can find its own footing in the weeks to come.
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