raptor (raptor47) wrote,

Quick Update and Fall Pilots

It’s been a crazy busy summer with very little time online.

We bought a house! Weren’t even looking, but an amazing piece of property came on the market for an even more amazing price and we couldn’t turn it down. The land (several acres worth) is beautiful! The house: let’s just say it has good bones, but needs lots of work. There might be a home renovation blog popping up soon.

A while back I posted a few times about training for a triathlon. This summer I stepped it up a notch and signed up for a few events, which culminated in finishing my first half Ironman triathlon (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike 13.1 mile run) earlier this month! I definitely did not break any speed records, but I did it and it’s something to build on. My ultimate goal is to complete a full Ironman a year from now. (I’ll link to my tri blog once it’s updated for those who might be interested.)

My fall TV watching thus far.
Person of Interest – I had high hopes, which were soundly crushed with the first episode. I was imagining a Rubicon inspired, intricately plotted, conspiracy-laden mystery that would slowly unfold week after week. Instead the entire premise was laid out on a platter 30 minutes in. Loved Finch, but would love him more if more was left to the imagination.

Terra Nova – Caught my eye just a couple hours before it premiered. Interesting premise – poorly executed. The whole setup/escape seemed silly. The couple has a 3rd child, but the husband is solely responsible? He languishes in prison and she’s offered a spot on Terra Nova. Then it’s the great escape and a dash through the time travel port. Not a single guard stops this guy? Seriously? Lets forgive the setup and assume all the creative energy was directed towards envisioning Terra Nova. Let's just say once I saw the prehistoric home decor I hit the off button.

Prime Suspect – What a wonderful surprise! This is a genuine Americanized remake of the British original starring Helen Mirren. A female detective battles male prejudice as she tries to work her way up the ranks. It’s tough to compete with the original, which is fabulous, but IMO this one holds its own. Well cast, well acted, well plotted. Be forewarned – I almost gave up after the first 10 minutes, but after 30 I was hooked.

And if you want to know about home renovation? HGTV and DIY Network – that’s where it’s at!

What’s everyone else watching? Any recommendations?
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